Cardiac Science Total Rescue Backpack

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Cardiac Science Total Rescue Ready Backpack 

Part#: 5588-001

With the Cardiac Science AED this exclusive Rescue Kit contains everything you need in emergency situations to make your workplace safer and more secure.

This rugged, transportable bag can be conveniently placed on the wall under the AED wall cabinet. The Total Response Rescue Kit is specifically designed to hold your Cardiac Science AED and includes an emergency oxygen cylinder, oxygen tubing, oxygen regulator, personal mask with oxygen inlet, blood borne pathogens responder kit, blood borne pathogens clean-up kit, first aid kit, and an absorbent towel.
Together, the Total Response Rescue Kit and your Cardiac Science AED provide the complete Cardiac and First Aid solution. This exclusive bag includes four separate compartments for storing accessories and Ready Kit supplies. Having the AED, the Rescue Kit, and extra accessories readily available is critical.
AED not included.
Dimensions:  23" x 14" x 9" including straps & handle.

Note: Oxygen cylinder provided in kit holds 164 liters of compressed O2 and ships empty.