Used Recertified Monitor/ Defibrillators for ALS

The Enerspect recertified monitor / defibrillator program helps your home, business, Fire, EMS, schools, law enforcement organizations manage the challenge that occurs when demand for equipment outpaces their financial resources.


  • Performed by certified biomedical engineers
  • Tested with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Meets all 11-Point AED and 22-Point Monitor/Defibrillator checklists
  • Carries 1-year warranty and the Enerspect Medical Guarantee


  • Recertified to manufacturers’ specifications
  • Devices have most current software version
  • All recalls and field change orders have been addressed/performed
  • Comprehensive testing process
  • Comprehensive cleaning process
  • All accessories included
  • All devices are subject to your final approval

All certified pre-owned AEDs are subject to availability. Don't see the AED you want? Give us a call. (888) 522-5574