HeartSine AEDs

Why HeartSine

Leading corporation, organization and industry experts agree; HeartSine has comprehensive offering and benefits that deserve serious consideration when deciding on a partner to supply life-saving AED technology.

Clinically Advanced. samaritan PADs use advanced and stable firmware, proprietary SCOPETM Biphasic technology (an escalating and low-energy waveform that automatically adjusts for patient impedance differences) and proprietary electrode technology to assess rhythm and recommend defibrillation. As the critical link between the AED and its ability to deliver life-saving energy to the patient, HeartSine electrodes provide a rapid recovery time (reducing the time between shock and CPR), and a four-year shelf life without significant increase in cost.

HeartSine electrodes are large and have very low impedance, both of which are critical to successful defibrillation. 

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