Philips Tempus LS-Manual Defibrillator

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Easy to Use

Connects wirelessly to Tempus Pro Monitor when in use

Data flow

All resuscitation data automatically flows in to the SRoC

Biphasic waveform

Trusted high performance BTE biphasic waveform

Long-life battery

At least 300 shocks at 200J from a fully charged battery or

>12 hours ECG monitoring from a fully charged battery

Mounting solution

Docking and charging station for all types of vehicles


  • Manual defibrillation only
  • 200J biphasic waveform (BTE)
  • Fixed and demand mode pacing
  • Synchronous Cardioversion
  • Plug-in sensor allows real-time CPR measurement and feedback

 with audible and on-screen prompts

  • Data export to Tempus Pro via USB
  • 3 channel display with toughened colored screen
  • ECG monitoring using pads or 3-Lead via Tempus Pro-compatible

ECG cable

  • IP65 rated as dust tight and protected against water